What are Examples of Academic Journals

An academic journal is a type of publication wherein researchers and other scholars present their research findings and viewpoints to the greater academic community. There are thousands of journals dedicated to specific disciplines, subject matters, and topical areas, each with its own committee of reviewers, evaluation criteria, as well as publishing and style guidelines. Higher ranked academic journals are often peer-reviewed, meaning researchers with reputable credentials will evaluate each article for its academic merit. A professional editor can work with you to edit, refine, and polish your research content to be published in an academic journal suitable for your topic.

Examples of Academic Journals

  • Cancer Journal for Clinicians
  • Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning
  • Frontiers in Psychology
  • JAMA – Journal of the American Medical Association
  • Journal of Financial Economics
  • The New England Journal of Medicine
There are tens of thousands of journals covering virtually all disciplines of study. Each journal’s reviewers select a subset of articles submitted by researchers to be published for each issue, based on how relevant the article is for the journal’s focus and mission, the importance and rigor of the findings presented, and academic writing quality. While some articles focus on empirical findings from a scientific experiment or intervention, other articles are based on a review of the literature, personal narratives or observations, proposed improvements on existing research methodologies or frameworks, or even mathematical proofs. Websites such as Scimago have information on each journal’s impact factor metrics so that researchers can review and determine which ones to target.

Defining "Academic Journal"

An academic journal is a type of journal that publishes articles related to a specific academic discipline or research topic. Academic journals accept and publish submissions periodically so researchers in the same discipline can be informed of the most recent findings and developments. Due to the need for organized presentation, each journal has a specific set of requirements and stylistic guidelines that must be followed for an article to be accepted. Generally, an acceptable format for an academic journal article consists of an Abstract, Background, Review of the Literature, Methodology, Analysis, and Discussion/Conclusion.

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