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ARC’s thesis consulting encompasses comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Having worked with over a thousand client students across the globe throughout their master’s thesis and doctoral dissertations, we have the solution to just about all the roadblocks you may experience along the way. Our services are comprehensive, and are geared towards help in allowing you to receive the approval needed on the work.

Normally, the thesis research process starts after the completion of your Comprehensive Exam and the Pre-Dissertation requirements. By this point, you should have a compelling research gap for your study, with some background literature review and data collection details. We can start our collaboration here, and ARC will make sure that you receive all of your deliverables and revisions on time. If you’ve received feedback on completed work, you can contact us to build a personalized Dissertation Editing Plan together.

Many institutions we work with require multiple rounds of review prior to the committee approval, which means that you will need to make very efficient progress through all the dissertation requirements. Whether you are just getting started on your dissertation process or have been working on addressing feedback for weeks and months now, we can help you to find a customized plan for how we can be a part of your team until you reach the graduation stage.

We specialize in just about all research topics and degree programs, and we work the most often with clients pursuing their PhD, DBA, EdD, DNP, PsyD, DrPh and DMin degrees. Normally, the process is as follows:


We can extend on your pre-dissertation Topic Approval to further provide motivation for the remainder of the study. This includes any feedback you have on your problem statement, or help with formulating your research questions, purpose statement, and conceptual/theoretical framework.

Literature Review

The Literature Review requirements differ by institution, but the key idea is that you will need to provide ample support in the form of recent studies addressing your topic, in addition to seminal sources extending the conceptual/theoretical framework and building the methodological approach for your study. Our assistance is tailored to providing full support with all literature search and providing adequate synthesis and critical analysis of all sources being used to motivate your doctoral research.


We can develop your Methodology, including the rationale for the approach, population of focus, sampling scheme, data collections process, and the data analysis plan. We will be able to set up a step-by-step protocol to help you move forward to the data collections process as quickly and as efficiently as you possibly can. Our firm specializes in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including the mixed methods approach where qualitative findings may be utilized to interpret the quantitative findings, and vice versa. Many clients also decide to work with us on their IRB application and data collection protocols (see Institutional Review Board). Our team has great knowledge of step-by-step content analysis and thematic analysis procedures, with our expertise focused on phenomenology, case studies, grounded theory, ethnography, and narrative inquiry for qualitative studies. In the realm of quantitative methodology, our statistical consultants are some of the most accomplished researchers in the industry with deep backgrounds in all quantitative study designs. For more guidance, you can visit the Qualitative Research Design Guide and Quantitative Research Design Guide pages.

Data Analysis

We offer the most comprehensive qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis support provided anywhere for your Data Analysis. We can take your data analysis plan and run all the step-by-step procedures required for accurately reporting all of your study results and findings. Most of our clients prefer NVivo or MAXQDA for qualitative research and SPSS for quantitative research, although we are quite flexible and adept at utilizing just about any software packages.


The Discussion and Conclusion sections usually begin by providing the interpretation for your data analysis results and findings. In addition, you will also need to explore any limitations of the study, as well as recommendations for future studies and implications for positive social change. This is also the chapter where we can make a connection between your data analysis results and the earlier chapters of your dissertation where you first established the research gap. Combining our research expertise along with our analytical expertise, this section is normally a breeze!

Final Editing

For clients who work with us throughout the entire dissertation process, APA editing is provided free of charge. We specialize in editing and formatting styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, CMOS, and even Turabian. Our editors mostly have English and Journalism backgrounds with many years of service in academia, and we will be able to assemble and compile an approval-ready dissertation within even the quickest turnaround times needed.

Defense Preparation

In addition to a PowerPoint to be utilized for your final defense, we can help by providing assistance with the actual preparation. Our team will be able to add speaker notes on every slide to let you know exactly how to respond to your PhD committee members, and we can also provide a mock oral defense session with unlimited expert feedback until you feel ready!

ProQuest and Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication

Many of our clients like to publish their PhD dissertation manuscripts via ProQuest for future viewing by other scholars. Many clients who stay in academia after graduation also pursue peer-reviewed journal publication with us. We will be able to identify a suitable journal for publication and work with you to establish the submission requirements as well as to properly format the journal according to the specific requirements.



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