Finished with your dissertation study and seeking to prepare it for peer-reviewed journal publication? ARC can help you to get your PhD study the scholarly recognition that it deserves! We assist many doctoral and post-doctoral researchers with preparing dissertations and other scholarly works for professional publication. We also assist with identifying the most suitable publications for your specific study. Our comprehensive journal publication services encompass all aspects of the preparation and submission process, including all revisions of prospective submissions as needed. Whatever it takes, we won’t stop until your dissertation gets published and you see your name in print!

Our first step to prepare your dissertation for scholarly publication is to extract all the most pertinent information to pare down your study to a page length appropriate for submission. As part of this process, we take care to emphasize the novel content of your dissertation as extending from a strong foundation of recently published studies. In addition, we very strictly adhere to the specific editing requirements and exact submission guidelines of your target journals. Perhaps most importantly, we address all needed revisions until your journal submission is 100% approved for publication.

Just want to publish your dissertation via ProQuest? No problem – ARC can get this done with ease. Your dissertation will be online and available for peer review before you know it!



No matter the scope or complexity of your dissertation, ARC can pare your dissertation manuscript down to a length and focus suitable for journal publication.


Not sure which peer-reviewed journals are your best bets for publication? No problem! ARC can help you to identify the most relevant publishers for your scholarly article.


Need to make further changes before your journal submission is approved? ARC provides all needed editing support at no extra charge until your submission is 100% accepted for publication.


Got a deadline for submission? ARC is here to help! We can prepare your dissertation for publication in as little as 48 hours, in keeping with your submission requirements.

Ready to submit your dissertation for journal publication? ARC can help!

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