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There are many firms providing assistance with dissertation writing, but very few offer personalized services catered exactly to your needs and requirements. Approval Ready Consulting works with academic consultants specializing in all areas of dissertation research including topic selection, literature review, research methodology development and data analysis, APA editing, and final defense preparation. Among the “top dissertation writing services” working with thousands of clients at once, ARC is the most reliable in terms of meeting the most deadlines and providing rigorous work meeting your exact requirements.

Who can assist with my dissertation writing?

Anyone can edit your dissertation, but the best dissertation editors will have tremendous expertise and talent with dissertation writing. Top dissertation editing services in the industry work with editors who have stellar academic backgrounds and great depths of familiarity with your research topic, in addition to being able to work very quickly to cater to your deadlines. ARC’s dissertation editors predominantly have academic credentials including Master’s and Doctoral degrees, very often attained from Ivy League institutions and other highly prestigious R1-ranked universities.

How much does it cost to have dissertation writing?

The cost for editing a dissertation depends on your school requirements and the scope of editing and formatting work needed for your dissertation. Comprehensive editing services include reviewing your entire dissertation draft for the overall presentation of your dissertation content, including simple mechanical errors such as spelling and grammar in addition to more complicated scope such as editing qualitative and quantitative analysis content. Normally, the total cost ranges from several hundred dollars for shorter documents already in decent condition to several thousand for the longest dissertation manuscripts until you are fully approved by your school committee.

Is it a worthwhile investment to pay for dissertation writing?

It’s worth paying a dissertation editor if receiving editing assistance will speed up your graduation time by even one quarter or semester. Especially at the Master’s and PhD level where the requirements tend to be much more rigorous, hiring a dissertation editor can be instrumental in ensuring that your school committee approves your dissertation quickly and without requesting additional rounds of revisions. Of course, the most important consideration will be to work with a dissertation editor who can provide high quality work under short timeframes.

How long does it take to complete dissertation writing?

Editing a dissertation typically takes about 1 week for the longest dissertation manuscripts. The best dissertation editors tend to edit approximately 5-10 pages per hour, meaning that 3-5 days is enough for most dissertations for a professional dissertation editor fully devoting their time to your project.

Is 2 weeks enough for completing dissertation writing?

Yes, 2 weeks is more than enough time for editing a dissertation. The quickest dissertation editing firms tend to have turnaround times as quick as 3-5 days for entire dissertation manuscripts depending on when your deadline is, but about 1-2 weeks will be very reasonable for completely editing up to 5-6 chapters worth of dissertation work.

Can I pay someone to proofread my dissertation?

Yes, you can pay someone to proofread your dissertation. A proofreader typically focuses on correcting any mechanical errors on your dissertation manuscript so that the manuscript will be error-free and adhere to all dissertation editing requirements. The best proofreading firms in the dissertation consulting industry are also able to preserve your personal voice in addition to meeting all your degree program editing and proofreading requirements, so that the overall meaning of your research will not be changed while still making improvements on your writing.

How much does proofreading a dissertation cost?

The cost for proofreading a dissertation depends on your school requirements and the scope of proofreading work needed for your dissertation manuscript. Comprehensive proofreading services include reviewing your entire dissertation draft for all errors including spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, sentence and paragraph structure, passive voice, and anthropomorphism. Normally, the total cost ranges from several hundred dollars for shorter documents already in decent condition to several thousand for the longest dissertation manuscripts until you are fully approved by your school committee.

How to choose a professional for dissertation writing?

  1. Education and Experience: Look for an editor with relevant education and experience in your field to ensure they understand your topic.
  2. Clear Expectations: Communicate clearly with the editor about your timeline, expectations, and the level of editing you require, whether it’s surface edits or comprehensive editing.
  3. Cost Consideration: Editing a dissertation can range from $600 to $2,000, so start saving early and be prepared for the investment in quality editing services.
  4. Fit and Communication: Spend time finding the right fit by talking to potential editors to ensure they understand your needs and are committed to helping you succeed.
  5. Types of Editing: Understand the different types of editing like substantive editing and proofreading to choose the most suitable service for your dissertation.
  6. Additional Services: Some editing services offer extra assistance beyond editing, such as research help, data analysis, and writing tips, which can be beneficial for doctoral candidates.

Choosing a Dissertation Writing Service: What to Look For

When selecting an dissertation editing service, it is essential to assess your specific
needs and the expertise of editors in your academic field. Understanding
the types of editing services available, such as basic editing,
specialist editing, and rapid editing, can help you choose the most
appropriate service for your manuscript. Additionally, verifying the
skills and experience of editors within the editing company is crucial
to ensure they can meet your requirements effectively. Consider the
turnaround times offered by different services, as quick turnaround
times may be necessary for meeting tight deadlines but could come at a
higher cost. Price consideration is also important; ensure that the
total cost aligns with your budget while providing the level of service
needed to enhance the quality of your manuscript for publication. By
carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision
when selecting a professional editing service that best suits your
manuscript’s requirements.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional for dissertation writing?

The benefits of hiring a professional dissertation editor include:

Reducing Stress: Professional editors help doctoral candidates reduce stress by handling revisions, allowing them to focus on other priorities without the pressure of editing and meeting submission deadlines.

Freeing Up Time: By entrusting their dissertations to professional editors, candidates can focus on other important tasks while waiting for their edited work to be returned, knowing that the editing process is being taken care of efficiently.

Ensuring Accuracy: Professional editors ensure accurate revisions of dissertations, eliminating grammatical and technical issues that could lead to delayed acceptance by university officials.

Enhancing Employment Opportunities: Timely revisions by professional editors enhance candidates’ ability to compete favorably in highly competitive job markets, ultimately improving their employment prospects.

What are the differences between a dissertation writing and a proofreader?


Proofreading is the final step in the editing process, focusing on correcting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. It ensures that the document is free of distracting errors before publication. Proofreaders meticulously review the text to catch any lingering mistakes that may have been missed during earlier editing stages. This process involves a detailed examination of the document to ensure consistency in language use, proper formatting, and adherence to style guidelines. By meticulously checking for and correcting errors, proofreading enhances the overall professionalism and readability of the document, ensuring that it is polished and error-free for its intended audience.


Editing is a more comprehensive process than proofreading, involving a deeper review of content, organization, and style. Professional editors can assist with content development, organization, clarity, tone, voice, and style to enhance the overall quality of the writing. During the editing process, editors focus on refining the structure and coherence of the dissertation, ensuring that the arguments flow logically and are well-supported by evidence. They pay attention to the overall presentation of ideas, helping to improve clarity and readability for the intended audience. Additionally, editors work on enhancing the tone and voice of the writing to ensure consistency and engagement throughout the document. By addressing these aspects, professional editors play a crucial role in elevating the quality and impact of the dissertation, making it more compelling and effective in conveying the research findings and insights.

Types of Editing

Academic editing services for dissertations often include both proofreading and editing. Editors with subject matter expertise can help with messaging, accuracy, referencing sources, evaluating knowledge of the subject matter, understanding issues, and presentation style. These editors go beyond basic proofreading to provide a comprehensive review of the dissertation content. They ensure that the arguments are clear and well-supported, the research is accurately cited, and the writing aligns with academic standards. Additionally, subject matter experts can offer valuable insights into the topic, helping to strengthen the overall quality and impact of the dissertation. By combining editing and subject-specific feedback, these services contribute significantly to enhancing the scholarly value and effectiveness of the dissertation.

Focus Areas

While proofreaders mainly correct surface-level errors like misspellings and typos, editors delve deeper into the content to ensure clarity, accuracy, flow, and adherence to academic writing standards. Editors not only focus on correcting grammatical and mechanical errors but also work on improving the overall coherence and effectiveness of the writing. They pay attention to the structure of the dissertation, ensuring that each section flows logically and contributes cohesively to the argument. Editors also verify the accuracy of information, citations, and references, making sure that the content is well-supported and credible. Moreover, they assess the writing style for consistency, tone, and appropriateness in academic contexts. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, editors play a vital role in refining the dissertation to meet high academic standards and effectively communicate the research findings to the intended audience.

Cost and Time

Editing a dissertation usually costs less and takes less time compared to editing other types of writing like books. The cost can vary based on word count and turnaround time. Dissertation editing services are typically priced more affordably than editing services for books due to the specialized nature of academic editing. The cost of editing a dissertation is often calculated based on the number of words in the document and the level of editing required. Additionally, the turnaround time for dissertation editing is usually quicker than that for book editing, as dissertations often have strict submission deadlines that need to be met promptly. By considering these factors, doctoral candidates can budget effectively and plan for the timely completion of their edited dissertations within their academic timelines.

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