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ARC is available all around the clock to provide you with all the dissertation editing help you will need throughout the entire dissertation process! Our team consists of professional dissertation editors, former journalists, and academics who have many years of expertise in dissertation editing as well as professional editing covering a wide range of disciplines, including business editing. We always provide the most comprehensive dissertation editing assistance available in the industry today, ensuring clarity and detail in your paper. Our editors have experience of meticulously refining articles, paying close attention to word choice, and addressing any questions you may have about the topic. With competitive pricing for our top-notch services, we make sure your work is free from errors and well-organized in a way that suits your field of study.

Initially, ARC started out by specializing in assisting students from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, but we quickly evolved to a firm specializing in both online and traditional university dissertation editing. Our dissertation editing service covers a vast range of topics, and our experienced editors are adept at handling dissertations across various fields. Let us know if you’re interested in formulating a personalized dissertation editing plan with competitive prices! We welcome your suggestions for improvement and maintain high standards, as evidenced by our positive reviews. Our editors are skilled in different types of academic styles, ensuring your work meets the requirements of your organization.

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Need help for dissertation editing services?

If you need help with dissertation services, I’d be happy to assist you. Whether you require guidance on the research and writing process, assistance with structuring your work, or support in overcoming any challenges you may be facing, I can provide valuable information and resources to help you navigate the dissertation process successfully. Feel free to ask any specific questions you may have, and I’ll do my best to provide you with the information you need.

Why should i get dissertation editing coaching?

You should consider getting dissertation coaching for several reasons. Dissertation coaching can provide you with personalized support and guidance throughout the research and writing process, helping you stay organized, set realistic goals, and manage your time effectively. Coaches can offer valuable feedback on your work, assist in developing a clear and coherent argument, and help you navigate any challenges or obstacles that may arise during the dissertation process. Additionally, working with a coach can help you maintain motivation and accountability, ultimately increasing your chances of successfully completing your dissertation in a timely manner.

What is dissertation editing?

Dissertation coaching is a service designed to provide personalized support and guidance to graduate students throughout the dissertation or thesis process. It aims to help students successfully structure their work, create realistic plans, increase accountability, and overcome internal and external barriers such as negative thinking, anxiety, stress, and procrastination. Coaches work with students to set and achieve realistic goals, manage time effectively, and provide support and encouragement throughout the process. They do not write the dissertation for the student but instead offer assistance in developing a clear and coherent argument, navigating challenges, and maintaining motivation and accountability.

Types of Editing: Copy Editing and Proofreading

Editing is a critical stage in the writing process, ensuring that the final product is polished, accurate, and professional. Two common types of editing are copy editing and proofreading. Each serves a distinct purpose and involves different tasks. Understanding the differences between copy editing and proofreading can help you determine what your document needs to achieve the highest quality.

Copy Editing

Copy editing involves a thorough review of the text to enhance its readability, consistency, and overall quality. It goes beyond basic grammar and punctuation corrections, addressing stylistic and structural issues to ensure the text flows smoothly and effectively conveys its message.

When to Use Copy Editing:

During the drafting phase when substantial revisions may still be needed. For manuscripts, academic papers, articles, and other content that require a polished and professional presentation.


Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process, focusing on identifying and correcting surface errors in a text. It involves a meticulous review of the document to catch any remaining mistakes that might have been overlooked during previous editing stages.

When to Use Proofreading:

After the document has been copy edited and is in its final form. For final drafts of books, reports, articles, and other documents that are ready for publication or submission.

Differences Between Copy Editing and Proofreading

Copy editing is concerned with the overall quality and coherence of the text, while proofreading focuses on correcting surface errors. Copy editing is done before proofreading and may involve significant revisions. Proofreading is the last step, addressing only minor errors. Copy editing includes tasks such as improving style and flow, whereas proofreading deals with correcting typos, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors.

Both copy editing and proofreading are essential for producing high-quality written work. While copy editing improves the substance and clarity of the text, proofreading ensures that the final version is free of minor errors. Depending on the needs of your document, you may require one or both types of editing to achieve a polished and professional result.

What is included in dissertation editing services?

Dissertation coaching services typically include personalized support and guidance to help students successfully structure the dissertation or thesis process, create realistic work plans, and increase accountability. Coaches provide assistance in overcoming internal and external barriers, such as negative thinking, anxiety, stress, and procrastination. They offer support in organizing and structuring the dissertation/thesis process, keeping students accountable and on track to meet their goals, and providing feedback on working drafts. Additionally, coaches can help reduce anxiety and writing blocks, provide tips for stress management, time management, and organization, and prepare students for oral proposal presentations and their defense. However, it’s important to note that coaches do not do the work for the students, guarantee a passing result, write the dissertation/thesis for the students, or provide research questions. The services are designed to support and advise students as they produce their academic work.

What is included in dissertation editing services?

The benefits of professional dissertation editing include:


Improving Critical Thinking Skills

Dissertation writing and editing help students develop critical thinking skills by analyzing complex data and synthesizing information into a cohesive argument.

Enhancing Quality and Standards

Hiring a dissertation editing company enhances the quality and standards of your dissertation by making it free from errors, improving readability, and ensuring originality.

Enhancing Quality and Standards

Hiring a dissertation editing company enhances the quality and standards of your dissertation by making it free from errors, improving readability, and ensuring originality.

Reducing Stress and Saving Time

Professional editors reduce stress by handling revisions, freeing up time for other priorities, and ensuring accurate revisions.

Creating Peace of Mind

Knowing that your dissertation is in capable hands and will meet deadlines brings peace of mind to doctoral candidates.

Enhancing Employment Opportunities

Working with professional editors enhances job prospects by ensuring timely revisions and competitive dissertations in the job market.

ARC provides the best dissertation editing services

ARC knows traditional universities…

At traditional universities, dissertation editing can be an unreasonably long and difficult process. Especially at research-focused institutions, students often run into the problem of their advisors or committee members not providing feedback on time as they have their own journal publication goals and teaching obligations. ARC will be able to provide constructive advice and feedback on your dissertation work so far, as well as to find amenable terms where we can provide the comprehensive support specific to your exact needs and situation. Our proofreading services ensure that your work is polished and error-free.

Our dissertation editors, academic consultants, analysts, and proofreaders are here at all hours of the day to provide the customized assistance you will need throughout the entire journey. We can cover aspects of your Thesis Research and any Thesis Coaching and Tutoring that may be instrumental in boosting your confidence when speaking with your chair or committee members, and ultimately, for your Final Defense Preparation.

ARC knows online universities…

At online universities, the editing process may not be as long or tedious, but the difficulty lies in that it’s geographically harder to communicate with your chair or committee members. There can be many rounds of revisions involved for every chapter of your dissertation, with review boards sometimes not granting approval for months at a time. Our dissertation assistance always involves minimizing the number of revisions that will be needed throughout the entire dissertation process, with thorough editing provided in APA 7.0 and other styles based on your committee and university requirements. If you will need extensive assistance in terms of dissertation research support and content writing, be sure to check out our Dissertation Help page for more information on how we can cover all of your requirements until graduation.

We will provide you with the best possible quality work and respond properly to all chair and committee feedback on time. Many of our clients are balancing career and family obligations with their doctoral studies, and we are here to ensure that you will still be able to complete all of your requirements on time!

Academic editing in accordance with your deadlines…

We work around the clock so that you don’t have to! Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to assist you with meeting almost any deadline. Our normal business hours are 12pm – 9pm EST (12pm – 5 pm Saturday) and our telephone number is (212) 609-1354. After hours, you can still reach us via email at info@approvalreadyconsulting.com . Leave a phone number and we will get back to you right away! We know that time is of the essence when you’ve got an important deadline to meet.

Completely confidential…

Right from the start, we provide all prospective clients with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA is provided as an assurance of complete confidentiality for all of our work together. We treat all of our conversations and any materials that you provide as strictly private and not to be shared with any third party. In addition, you retain 100% ownership of your entire dissertation project.

First two pages free editing!

We will provide comprehensive editing on the first two pages of your current draft to let you know exactly how instrumental our role can be in perfecting all mechanics including sentence-level items (e.g. spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, sentence and paragraph structure, passive voice, anthropomorphism), formatting, and references. Our assistance also includes full reference auditing, where we will ensure that you’re always citing correctly and that there is no missing reference on either your draft or the reference list. Of course, if you need assistance with in-text citations and content, we can help as well, and you can visit the Dissertation Help page for more information.

This is available to all prospective clients who are actively interested in working with ARC through the remainder of their academic journey, and definitely a reason why you can refer us to any of your colleagues! When you call or email, make sure to ask about the referral bonus, which will allow you to save even more on fees while receiving A+ services!

Until final approval!

ARC is there for you until the very end. If you are just getting started on your dissertation, we can typically put you on track to graduate within 10-12 months.

No matter where you are on your dissertation journey, we work with you to complete all content and revisions until you are fully approved for each phase of the dissertation process. We won’t stop until we can finally refer to you as Doctor!

ARC works with a diverse range of students from both traditional and online universities. Our team consists of PhD consultants, editors, and writers – many of whom are current or former professors or talented graduate students – from the most prestigious academic institutions in the United States.


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How to choose a professional dissertation editor?

  1. Education and Experience: Look for an editor with relevant education and experience in your field to ensure they understand your topic.
  2. Clear Expectations: Communicate clearly with the editor about your timeline, expectations, and the level of editing you require, whether it’s surface edits or comprehensive editing.
  3. Cost Consideration: Editing a dissertation can range from $600 to $2,000, so start saving early and be prepared for the investment in quality editing services.
  4. Fit and Communication: Spend time finding the right fit by talking to potential editors to ensure they understand your needs and are committed to helping you succeed.
  5. Types of Editing: Understand the different types of editing like substantive editing and proofreading to choose the most suitable service for your dissertation.
  6. Additional Services: Some editing services offer extra assistance beyond editing, such as research help, data analysis, and writing tips, which can be beneficial for doctoral candidates.
Alexa Cook
Alexa Cook
Good work. Will need some editing but we’ll worth the price!
David Kim
David Kim
I was in desperate need to complete my dissertation and felt I had reached a dead end on all fronts and failure. I called upon an academic consulting company that clearly did not know what they were doing but threw me from one consultant to another after wasting my time and money and failing to deliver. I was disappointed. I went online and started searching and came across Approval Ready Consulting, LLC. Due to my initial experience with the other company, I became hesitant to continue with any of these online consultants. But I picked up the courage and called ARC. It was the best decision I ever made in this whole process of getting my dissertation completed.
Gabriel Erosa
Gabriel Erosa
Great service Michael song was very helpful I would recommend this service to anyone if you have the money. Thanks to them I'll be graduating soon and getting my doctoral degree online by next semester. 👌
John F
John F
The third chapter (Chapter 3) of the dissertation presents the method by which a researcher collects and analyzes data for the study to be carried out. I undertook this step after several engagements with both my tutors and the writers from Approval Ready Consulting. Despite several reviews and corrections of remarks figured, this team stood by my side throughout, and for that, I salute their patience. The teams' close attention to details helped me spot necessary clarifications as far as chapter three is concerned. Notably, this section provides a clear enough picture of what will be done to allow readers to evaluate the validity of the study conclusions or emulate research strategies in another setting. One review from my assistant reviewer from this company by the name Solomon outlined that this chapter should begin with reiterating the "Purpose of the Study" and the guiding questions or hypotheses described in Chapter 1. Seemingly, this information influenced the subsequent development of tiny sections such as identifying characteristics of participants of the study, how they were selected, and the setting of the study. When it came to the instrumentation section, the tools or instruments that might be important for readers to understand (assessment instruments, surveys, interview formats, observation protocols, and data collection devices)-this team designed it entirely. So far, my data collection procedures, methodology, and data analysis were developed to precision. More detailed information was expounded here describing the analytic strategies I intended to employ and a rationale for their use to the degree that I expected for my readers. Many regards are passed to this team for the perfection of the methods of "data cleaning" and refinement, categorization schemes and how they were developed, data transformations, statistical tests, and checks on the validity and generalizability of conclusions. Finally, the limitations of my proposed study were well articulated to inform my readers about the shortcomings of my present research.
Kim Hyung
Kim Hyung
I used ARC consulting service. They were kind and perfect. Absolutely recommended!

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