Why You Should Consider Using a Dissertation Editing Service

Dissertation editing services can help you improve both the mechanics and the overall content of your dissertation writing. Most dissertation committees are very strict on kicking back any chapters or sections that are full of mechanical errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, sentence and paragraph structure, passive voice, anthropomorphism, and formatting. Depending on the degree program, you may also need to adhere to specific formatting and referencing styles such as APA 6th or 7th edition, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, Vancouver, or MLA in addition to guidebooks, rubrics, and templates recommended by your committee. There is so much emphasis on clean and proper presentation of content when it comes to graduate level writing since your dissertation research will represent your school’s reputation. After you’ve reached the graduation stage, your dissertation committee may recommend that your dissertation is published on your school’s website or on a medium such as ProQuest for future viewing. A committed and dedicated dissertation editing service such as ARC will be able to work with you throughout the course of the entire dissertation process to ensure that each document you turn in to your chair or committee is properly edited and formatted.

Types of Editing Services Available

Types of dissertation editing services available range from academic editing checking mostly for mechanical errors to agencies that will also suggest content improvements. Some dissertation editing agencies operate under an automated model where the student simply uploads their dissertation and an algorithm provides the cost based on the number of pages, turnaround time required, and type of degree program. However, it is recommended that you hire a dissertation editing agency based on whether they are knowledgeable about your subject area, research topic, and formatting rules that may differ from committee to committee. The most comprehensive type of dissertation editing service is one that will address all of your requirements from start to finish. This means that the dissertation editor you are working with will provide each iteration of editing needed for your dissertation while minimizing any revision requests from your committee. However, should there be any minor refinements required, many dissertation editors will take care of them at no additional cost.

How to Choose the Right Editing Service

Choosing the best dissertation editing service for you depends on whether all of your academic needs will be met. Many master’s and doctoral programs require that students write and edit each chapter of the dissertation through taking dissertation credit courses where the instructor will normally review and provide feedback on a weekly or biweekly basis. In this case, it may be wise to choose a dissertation editing service offering unlimited support and under quick timeframes. Perhaps the most important factor in choosing the right dissertation editing service is the quality of work provided. The best dissertation editors tend to be hired from Ivy League and R1 type institutions, and will be quite familiar with various research topics, methodologies, and theories in addition to the specific editing and formatting rules. Given that school requirements are often quite strict and involve many rounds of review prior to final approval, it could be wise to work with the most experienced dissertation editor you can find to minimize time until graduation. Of course, budget will also be a consideration for most students when working with a dissertation editing service. Many dissertation editing services will offer installment payment plans where the student will be able to establish trust with the agency prior to further installments being required. Many services will also offer reduced costs for first-time clients and U.S. veterans, in line with the typical industry standards.

Who offers dissertation editing services?

Dissertation editing services are offered by academic consulting firms specializing in editing dissertations and other technical academic papers. Most companies that provide dissertation consulting services also provide editing services where academic consultants specializing in your subject area will be able to assist you with the editing needed on your dissertation. Dissertation editors typically specialize in ensuring that your dissertation meets the standard requirements for various formatting styles such as APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, Vancouver, and MLA as well as the rubrics and template guidelines provided by your degree program.

Many dissertation editing services are located online due to the fact that they deal with a small, esoteric group of students who are attending Master’s and PhD programs. You can search for firms specializing in dissertation editing across various search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A committed and dedicated full-time academic consultant will be able to work with you to meet any deadlines needed for your doctoral study manuscript while addressing all required editing tasks.

Typically, the best dissertation editors are academic consultants who have extensive research and writing experience. Many of the best editors at ARC hold Master’s and PhD degrees from prestigious institutions including Ivy League schools and R1 schools. You should typically avoid dissertation editing services where you’re not able to check the academic background of the editor you’re working with.

What to Expect from an Editing Service?

You can expect a dissertation editing service to provide you with all the corrections and improvements that you need on your current dissertation draft. Many dissertation editing services also offer support with any future revisions if your committee provides feedback on the edited work. While dissertation editing firms working with consultants from the most prestigious institutions will be able to address all of your requirements rather quickly and with very little back-and-forth with your committee so that you’re able to minimize the time spent on revisions.

During the initial phone call or email communication with a dissertation editing service, an academic consultant will be able to go over with you what’s included in your editing service and the turnaround time for completing the editing. The top dissertation editing services will be able to meet just about any deadlines requested by your chair and committee as well as to address any minor revisions based on reviewer feedback on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on your committee’s requested schedule. Most of the students who work with ARC graduate within 10-12 months from the time they get started on the dissertation writing and editing process.

Tips for Working with an Editing Service

Since there are thousands of dissertation editing services and other organizations claiming to help with academic editing, it is quite important that you follow several safety guidelines for ensuring a good experience.

1. Always make sure that there is a clear contract stating what assistance will be provided and when you will receive each deliverable promised.

2. Normally, the best results will be obtained if you’re working with one dedicated
dissertation editor throughout the entire process. Therefore, you should avoid
dissertation editing services where your point of contact constantly changes or services where you’re not able to communicate with the editor working on your manuscript.

3. You should verify with the dissertation editing service that you will retain all ownership of your work. Typically, this is established through the dissertation editing firm signing a one-way Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) where confidentiality and ownership of work will be guaranteed. Since it’s a one-way agreement, there should be nothing you need to sign to get started.

4. Be sure to check whether the dissertation editing service offers a referral program where you are offered an incentive for referring future clients.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using an Editing Service

Common mistakes to avoid when using a dissertation editing service include: 1. Many students do not verify the credentials of the dissertation editing service that they work with. You can ask the editing service for samples of their past work and/or a specific plan on how they plan to address your editing work. 2. Since dissertation and thesis manuscripts often involve satisfying so many requirements prior to approval, you should clearly communicate what your specific requirements are prior to the dissertation editing service beginning work. 3. Many dissertation editing services do not review your manuscript thoroughly or at all prior to providing a price quote. The best dissertation consulting firms are able to provide dissertation editing work that addresses all the corrections needed with language and flow while preserving your personal voice.

What People Say About Our Dissertation Editing Services?

Harold W., a graduate student from Georgia, says: “I was having massive troubles with formatting the footnotes for my Ministry thesis. The previous editor actually messed up a lot of the references that were correct after having my document for more than a month. ARC assured me that I would be fine and assigned me to an editor who graduated from an Ivy League institution. All of the errors were fixed in less than 3 days.” Mansour P., a graduate student from Ohio, says: “My thesis required very scientific editing because my research involved a lot of statistical data and complex regression models to come up with the results. Not only did ARC make sure that my writing was fully polished for publication, they also identified some of the errors in my SPSS data analysis and pointed them out to me.” Sandra B., a graduate student from Florida, says: “ARC is just what you need when it comes to getting caught up or ahead in graduate school. Even though I was a close to straight A student in college, I had a lot of trouble coming back to school for my master’s program more than 10 years later and all the APA stuff was very unfamiliar to me. ARC made sure that my course projects and thesis were perfectly formatted.”

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