For all your academic editing needs and no matter the current state of your draft, ARC can polish your written work until it shines! Our team of professional editors specializes in every editing and formatting style, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, CMOS, and Turabian. As part of our standard editing process, we take care to ensure proper formatting throughout your document in addition to thoroughly proofreading your work to make sentence-level corrections as needed. Whether you require editing and formatting services for your dissertation, journal submission, book manuscript, or even your resume, ARC is here to help.

No detail is too minor for our editing team to address. In addition to proofreading every sentence for errors in spelling, punctuation & grammar, usage of passive voice, and anthropomorphism, we ensure that all sections, headings, and sub-headings of your document are formatted and paginated correctly. Further, as needed, we can automate your Table of Contents and verify that your lists of tables and figures are 100% correct. For your dissertation or other scholarly work, we would also check that all of your references are properly cited in the text of your document and that each of your in-text citations is correctly included in your references list. When it comes to academic editing and formatting for your dissertation, ARC knows that PhD reviewers can be quite persnickety about seemingly inconsequential details. Every detail matters!

ARC’s academic editing services are fully customized to meet your individual project’s needs. For our doctoral student clients, we develop customized Dissertation Editing Plans to get your dissertation approval-ready in a fast and effective manner.

Finished with your dissertation already and want to submit it for publication? Learn more about ARC’s comprehensive Journal Publication services.



Comprehensive audits of sources to ensure that all references are properly cited in your dissertation text and all in-text citations are correctly included in your references list.


Spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage of passive voice & anthropomorphism – no detail is too small for our editors to address! We work hard to get you approved quickly.


No matter the formatting style you need – APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, CMOS, or Turabian – ARC has got you covered. Our deep expertise extends across U.S. & U.K. institutions!


Expert editing services for dissertations, scholarly journal submissions, manuscripts, books & even resumes – plus all revisions at no extra charge until you are 100% approved.

Need professional editing support? We've got that keen eye for detail.

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