When it comes to comprehensive dissertation support and professional-grade business research, ARC has got you covered! Located just a few blocks away from the New York Stock Exchange in New York City’s financial district, we strive to embody the relentlessly persistent work ethic that makes this city tick. Our mission at ARC is to provide personalized academic and professional support at the highest levels of service in accordance with your specific needs, preferences, and deadlines. We know that your dissertation represents the very peak of your educational career, and it’s our job to help you reach the very top!
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As the founder of Approval Ready Consulting, Solomon Lim is a natural entrepreneur and skilled statistician who is strongly devoted to client service. Prior to co-founding ARC, Solomon played key roles in the advancement of a number of other academic consulting firms. As a professional consultant, Solomon has worked closely with over a thousand students personally to provide total, customized support throughout the dissertation process. Solomon prides himself on being available for all his clients, no matter when or what. He believes in the power of persistence to attain wisdom that is desired.
Solomon has maintained a lifelong passion for Mathematics, completing his undergraduate degree in Mathematics in just two years and going on to pursue doctoral-level research in the field. During Solomon’s tenure in the Statistics PhD program at the University of Washington, he collaborated with many other PhD researchers in the Social Sciences, Public Health, and Medicine. Solomon’s main focus areas during his PhD studies encompassed both theoretical and applied statistics, including causal inference, survival analysis, and spatial epidemiology. His current research interests are focused on improving the predictive accuracy of various machine learning algorithms, with emphasis on the potential applications in Finance and Biostatistics. Solomon is an accomplished R package writer, with several successful submissions to the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

We’ve got you covered.

What People Say


Awinita Citlali

Working on a mixed methods research, I had to find a consulting company that was capable of handling both my qualitative data and quantitative data. You will find no firm that’s as knowledgeable in both domains. My prospectus was almost instantly approved, and before I knew it, the AQR had granted approval on my PhD dissertation.


Lysette Olive

ARC worked with me for the entire process. They made sure that all my dissertation requirements were adhered to perfectly. I’ve heard that my school has very rigorous editing requirements, but ARC made this go very easy. Now I can go on with my life and use my Theology PhD degree for a good purpose. A truly wonderful experience!


Tyrrell Divina

When I was stuck on my dissertation, I was very unhappy with my chair and how hard he was to deal with. Solomon solved all my dissertation problems, and sometimes I felt like he was my chair! When I first reached out to ARC, the initial email feedbackI received was enough to make me confident that I will obtain my PhD successfully.


Elle Flynn

These guys at ARC really knowwhat they’re doing. If it weren’t for Approval, l’d still be working on my dissertation right now. I had no idea how to start research for my prospectus, and thať’s when Solomon from Approval came in to help. My chair immediately liked my research topic that ARC helped me choose, and the rest was history.


Talon Scot

These guys are amazing! I found out about ARC while procrastinating on my coursework one night, and oh boy did they deliver! Not only did I pass all courses on my first try, they really expedited my doctoral research and dissertation writing progress to get me to the graduation stage in record time. Worth every penny!


Gytha Silver

Thank you ARC! Wonderful job helping this busy professional with juggling family and career obligations that were not allowing me to spend adequate time on my education. Approval Ready does all the work so it’s submitted on time and properly edited to address committee requests. They even prepared me for my defense! Highly recommend to say the least!


Ros Graysen

Props to the ARC folks for being my dissertation lifesaver! I had a lot of passion for my research, but I was struggling to find direction and my PhD program was very hard for me beginning my dissertation at an old age. The ARC team was a big part of the process, with all their research, writing, and APA editing help. They even gave me a little discount.