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Promise 1

100% Confidential

Starting with the initial phone or email consultation, one of our academic consultants will arrange to send you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) via email. We send the NDA to provide assurance of confidentiality for all matters regarding your project.

Promise 2

Customized Plan

We provide free consultations to prospective clients, either via phone or email, to determine your specific project needs. Whether you are starting
from scratch or need help somewhere along the way, we presenta comprehensive plan that is personalized to you. Stuck on endless rounds of revisions? No problem, we’ve got you covered there too. Our
Work is 100% customized to meet your institution’s specific dissertation requirements.

Promise 3

Research Expertise

Our team has research down pat. With advanced degrees and top-notch research expertise in Business, Education, Information Technology,
Nursing, Psychology, Public Health, Theology, and more, we take pride in staying on the cutting edge of dissertation research. Our deep practical expertise enables us to recommend research methodologies
that make the most sense for you and your project’s needs.

Promise 4

Fast Turnaround Times

In a hurry? Got a deadline? Don’t stress. ARC is ready and willing to complete your dissertation deliverable within just 1-2 days. We work with all our clients to determine a specific plan and schedule that meets your budget and timing needs. We know that time is of the essence when comes to getting your dissertation done.

Promise 5

Support For Your Journey

Not too sure of what to expect? No problem! We are there every step of the way to guide you through the dissertation process. Chances are we have assisted other students from your school or worked on another project with similarities to yours. Our customized plans provide ARC clients with detailed roadmaps for their dissertation journeys, and we are never more than a phone call or email away to answer questions. Working with ARC, students can usually complete their entire dissertations within 10-12 months from the time of topic selection. 

Promise 6

Assistance Until Approval

ARC’s services encompass all aspects of the dissertation process- research, writing, editing, formatting, and all needed revisions until each deliverable is 1O0% approved. Whether you need approvals from just your department chair or an entire dissertation committee, we complete all revisions at no extra charge. Our clients love us because we get them approved faster so that they can finally graduate.

Promise 7

Available 24/7

We are always on call! Our normal business hours are 12pm – 9pm EST (12 pm- 5 pm Saturday) and our telephone number is (212) 609-1354. We can be reached after hours at info@approvalreadyconsulting.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year for immediate assistance.

Alexa Cook
Alexa Cook
Good work. Will need some editing but we’ll worth the price!
David Kim
David Kim
I was in desperate need to complete my dissertation and felt I had reached a dead end on all fronts and failure. I called upon an academic consulting company that clearly did not know what they were doing but threw me from one consultant to another after wasting my time and money and failing to deliver. I was disappointed. I went online and started searching and came across Approval Ready Consulting, LLC. Due to my initial experience with the other company, I became hesitant to continue with any of these online consultants. But I picked up the courage and called ARC. It was the best decision I ever made in this whole process of getting my dissertation completed.
Gabriel Erosa
Gabriel Erosa
Great service Michael song was very helpful I would recommend this service to anyone if you have the money. Thanks to them I'll be graduating soon and getting my doctoral degree online by next semester. 👌
John F
John F
The third chapter (Chapter 3) of the dissertation presents the method by which a researcher collects and analyzes data for the study to be carried out. I undertook this step after several engagements with both my tutors and the writers from Approval Ready Consulting. Despite several reviews and corrections of remarks figured, this team stood by my side throughout, and for that, I salute their patience. The teams' close attention to details helped me spot necessary clarifications as far as chapter three is concerned. Notably, this section provides a clear enough picture of what will be done to allow readers to evaluate the validity of the study conclusions or emulate research strategies in another setting. One review from my assistant reviewer from this company by the name Solomon outlined that this chapter should begin with reiterating the "Purpose of the Study" and the guiding questions or hypotheses described in Chapter 1. Seemingly, this information influenced the subsequent development of tiny sections such as identifying characteristics of participants of the study, how they were selected, and the setting of the study. When it came to the instrumentation section, the tools or instruments that might be important for readers to understand (assessment instruments, surveys, interview formats, observation protocols, and data collection devices)-this team designed it entirely. So far, my data collection procedures, methodology, and data analysis were developed to precision. More detailed information was expounded here describing the analytic strategies I intended to employ and a rationale for their use to the degree that I expected for my readers. Many regards are passed to this team for the perfection of the methods of "data cleaning" and refinement, categorization schemes and how they were developed, data transformations, statistical tests, and checks on the validity and generalizability of conclusions. Finally, the limitations of my proposed study were well articulated to inform my readers about the shortcomings of my present research.
Kim Hyung
Kim Hyung
I used ARC consulting service. They were kind and perfect. Absolutely recommended!




Professional study buddy! Personalized coursework assistance including full support for projects & take-home exams, in keeping with your syllabus and deadlines.


Customized preparation and response support for PhD oral and written comprehensive exams based on your specific exam prompts and school requirements.


Personalized topic development support! Topic selection consultation plus a custom prospectus, concept paper, idea paper, or dissertation research plan.


Full literature reviews! Complete literature searches, additions and organization of sources, discussions of conceptual & theoretical frameworks and variables.


Total support for selecting and developing your PhD research methodology, including data collections plans & qualitative or quantitative (or mixed-methods) data analysis.


Full IRB support! IRB guidance and coaching, IRB applications, custom development of supplementary portfolios & additional data collections protocols.


Comprehensive access to all the software! NVivo, MAXQDA, ATLAS.Ti, Dedoose for qualitative analyses and SPSS, Stata, R, SAS for quantitative analyses.


All the help you need until final PhD defense approval! Personalized defense coaching including unlimited mock oral defense sessions, PowerPoint decks & detailed speaker notes.


Expert publishing support! Peer-reviewed journal selection, materials preparation for submission, and unlimited revisions until 100% approval.


Cutting-edge statistical & business analyses, business performance & revenue analyses for Biostatistics, Economics, Finance, Gaming, Casinos & more.

Featured Testimonials


Awinita Citlali

Working on a mixed methods research, I had to find a consulting company that was capable of handling both my qualitative data and quantitative data. You will find no firm that’s as knowledgeable in both domains. My prospectus was almost instantly approved, and before I knew it, the AQR had granted approval on my PhD dissertation.


Lysette Olive

ARC worked with me for the entire process. They made sure that all my dissertation requirements were adhered to perfectly. I’ve heard that my school has very rigorous editing requirements, but ARC made this go very easy. Now I can go on with my life and use my Theology PhD degree for a good purpose. A truly wonderful experience!


Tyrrell Divina

When I was stuck on my dissertation, I was very unhappy with my chair and how hard he was to deal with. Solomon solved all my dissertation problems, and sometimes I felt like he was my chair! When I first reached out to ARC, the initial email feedbackI received was enough to make me confident that I will obtain my PhD successfully.


Elle Flynn

These guys at ARC really knowwhat they’re doing. If it weren’t for Approval, l’d still be working on my dissertation right now. I had no idea how to start research for my prospectus, and thať’s when Solomon from Approval came in to help. My chair immediately liked my research topic that ARC helped me choose, and the rest was history.


Talon Scot

These guys are amazing! I found out about ARC while procrastinating on my coursework one night, and oh boy did they deliver! Not only did I pass all courses on my first try, they really expedited my doctoral research and dissertation writing progress to get me to the graduation stage in record time. Worth every penny!


Gytha Silver

Thank you ARC! Wonderful job helping this busy professional with juggling family and career obligations that were not allowing me to spend adequate time on my education. Approval Ready does all the work so it’s submitted on time and properly edited to address committee requests. They even prepared me for my defense! Highly recommend to say the least!


Ros Graysen

Props to the ARC folks for being my dissertation lifesaver! I had a lot of passion for my research, but I was struggling to find direction and my PhD program was very hard for me beginning my dissertation at an old age. The ARC team was a big part of the process, with all their research, writing, and APA editing help. They even gave me a little discount.

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Free 30-minute Phone Consultation!

12 PM to 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (2 PM to 2 AM UK Time for European students)

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If you are working on your dissertation editing, chances are good that you could use some help. Luckily, there are legit services out there that can provide the assistance you need to get your work done well and on time. Here at Approval Ready Consulting, we offer a wide range of services to help make your dissertation process as smooth as possible. So if you’re feeling stuck or just need someone to talk things through with, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is always happy to help. Contact us now and let us know how we can be of service.

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Affordable rates and quick turnaround. That is what you can expect when you use our dissertation writing services. We understand how important it is for you to get the grades that you need to further your career, which is why we offer a variety of services at reasonable prices. If you are interested in learning more about our dissertation writing services, please contact us now. We would be happy to discuss our process with you and answer any questions that you may have.